About Us


Hello and welcome:

The Ark Program is a leading international group conceived in 2013, which has gone on togrow successful businesses in sectors ranging from food and beverages, insurance, financial services and Internet marketing.
The Ark Program is a market entry services provider dedicated to enabling companies to rapidly enter required market sectors. We are here to help you meet the challenges of doing business.

We provide clients with a single source for market analysis, product launch, marketing promotion, sales force development, finance and administrative services.

Engage The Ark Program Services to develop:

  • An assessment of market opportunities for your products
  • Brand strategy and promotional tactics to reach customers
  • Sales channels that quickly drive revenues
  • Product distribution and logistics capabilities

We look forward to talking to you about your business objectives and exploring how together we can help Build Your Bridges.

If you’d like to know more about the The Ark Program Group you should check out Our Story for the official account of our rise from a small mail order record company to the global position we hold  today.

Kelven Bruno – CEO

Kelven is CEO of The Ark Program and is responsible for the management of the Group’s investments and the brand.

Kelven has been with T.A.P since 2015, previously serving as the Group’s General Counsel before taking on the CEO role. He has extensive experience as a director of a large number of companies across the Group globally in sectors ranging from  travel, media/mobile and financial services.

Why you should engage The Ark Program to be your services provider:
  • Expertise
  • Shorter Time-to-Market
  • Flexible Contracting
  • Alternative Market Entry Options
  • Proven Expertise:  We provide the guidance, experience and personal attention to enable you to build your business.
  • Customized Advisory Services: We know how to analyze and assess markets to provide the information you need to make decisions regarding product positioning, promotion, sales channels, customer segmentation, and product distribution.
  • Flexible Operational Services:  We have deep experience in all aspects of managing a business including creating marketing and promotional campaigns, sales force recruiting, importing and regulatory compliance, warehousing and logistics, and order processing and financial management.  Our operational services are economical and can be implemented quickly to shorten time-to-market for your products.
  • Single Source For Continuity and Understanding: Contracting with one market entry services provider builds a deeper understanding of your business and requires less effort for you to source and educate multiple providers.
  • Simplified Contracting For Only The Services You Require: Our services are contracted via Statements of Work where objectives, deliverables, timeframe and cost are clearly presented for each project.  Upon project completion, a full report with findings and recommendations is presented.
  • Corporate Governance: The Ark Program is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical business dealings with our clients, partners and employees.